28 Mar

The Council adopted simplification measures for the Common Agricultural Policy and agricultural ministers discussed the agri-market situation during their meeting in Brussels on 26th March.

Following the farmers' protests across the EU, Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski recalled that on 15 March the Commission published its simplification package proposal in response to farmers' concerns. Ministers confirmed the need for a rapid and effective response. Minister István Nagy stressed the importance to develop medium- and long-term solutions besides the adopted of short-term measures.

As regards the agricultural market situation, EU agriculture ministers mentioned in particular the EU-Ukraine trade relation. The European Commission stressed the prolongation of Autonomous Trade Measures (ATM regulation) with Ukraine, in order to support their economy. However, Member States much further from the Ukrainian border, reported negative effects due to the flow of Ukrainian agricultural goods. Minister István Nagy highlighted that those products should return to their traditional export markets and reach the third countries in need. The Minister stressed such a solution, which takes into consideration the interest of farmers both in the EU Member States and in Ukraine.

Ministers, furthermore, had an exchange of views on the upcoming election of the Director General of the World Organisation for Animal Health, on the Call to Care for Animal Welfare ministerial cconference held in January as well as on the Commission’s animal welfare packageand fishery issues.