2 Feb

Great hungarian success at the previous day's special summit of the European Union, the government managed to implement each of its objectives - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced on Friday in Brussels.

According to the Ministry's statement, the Minister responding to questions of journalists at the press conference organized after the EU-India-Pacific ministerial forum, underlined that they were able to achieve that "funds due to Hungary according to European treaties and withheld contrary to them cannot go in Ukraine".

By being a part of the joint decision, we managed to prevent the funds frozen and not handed over to Hungary suddenly ending up in Ukraine. On the other hand, by being a part of the joint decision, we also managed to create a control mechanism, which guarantees that the money is spent based on the agreement, and the European Commission reports on this to the Council on a yearly basis," -he said.

"So, a great Hungarian success was achieved, we were able to achieve both of our objectives, both Hungarian aspects had to be taken into consideration by the European Council during such an important decision," he stated.

He emphasized that the voted funds will not be used for weapon deliveries, but for the functioning of the Ukrainian state, for the people. "Hungary maintains its pro-peace stance, continues not to deliver weapons, and does not participate in any arms delivery operations," he informed.
As for the increase of funds of the European Peace Facility for covering weapon deliveries, Péter Szijjártó underlined that Hungary still does not support this and will not be a part of such a decision, and at the same time, it does not want to block others from defining it differently.

„We will remain uninvolved in such joint decisions, and we are not willing and will not take any kind of political and financial burdens of these”.- he warned.

The minister also mentioned the issue of 500 million euros withheld from the European Peace Facility due to Hungarian reservations.

“ As we know on this topic they have always referred to the fact that this is very important for the Ukrainians. I was there for more than half a day in Uzhhorod, and not a single word was heard from the Ukrainians in this regard," he said.

“So it is clear to whom this is important, to those European Union countries who decided to bring weapons to Ukraine, and now they want to make European citizens pay for the price of shipments, "he added.

He pointed out that the Hungarian government did not give its consent to the transfer because OTP received unfair treatment in Ukraine.

This is what I asked from my colleagues in Ukraine, to ensure fair and decent conditions for companies that are important for the Hungarian economy and are also active in Ukraine," he reminded.

He also addressed the issue of the ratification of Sweden's NATO accession, and believed that the head of government of the Northern European country would act in a "fair and correct manner" if he visited Hungary before the parliamentary vote.

"For several reasons, I think that this would be correct. And one of the several reasons, for example, is that he also went to Turkey," he declared.

Source: MTI-Hungarian News Agency