27 Jul

Ministers of agriculture exchanged views among others on current market situation, on the sustainable use of pesticides and on the New Genomic Techniques at their meeting in Brussels on 25 July.

The European Commission has adopted all aid packages to help farmers dealing with the various challenges. However, the situation on agricultural markets is still under pressure due to the extraordinary weather conditions, low purchase prices and the suspension of the Black Sea Grain Agreement. The Commission stressed that the role of the Solidarity Lanes is more important than ever. Minister István Nagy said it was important to improve the functioning of the Solidarity Lanes and to restore their original purpose. He added that Ukrainian agricultural products should return to their traditional export markets and reach the third countries in need.

The European Commission has presented its additional impact assessment on the proposal for a Regulation on the Sustainable use of Pesticides. István Nagy stressed that a responsible decision on future measures can be only taken, when the quantitative data on the impact on yields, food prices and import volumes are known. He emphasized that such rules are needed, which contribute to environmental protection and climate goals without jeopardizing food security.

The European Commission presented its proposal for plants produced on new genomic techniques (NGT) and for food and feed derived from them. The ministers considered the techniques as a potential opportunity to achieve the goals set out in the European Green Agreement but most of them, like Minister István Nagy, warned to be cautious of their application.