7 Jul

A roundtable discussion about the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas - as a new component for peace and security in the EU’s external actions was held at the Permanent Representation on 5th July with the participation of Member States, EU Institutions, agencies (ALIPH Foundation) and UNESCO. The roundtable co-organised by the European External Action Service and the Permanent Representation was chaired by PSC Ambassador Bálint Ódor and EEAS Director Stefano Tomat. Germany, France, Poland, Slovenia presented their relevant humanitarian and development aid projects.

State Secretary Tristan Azbej responsible for Hungarian humanitarian assistance policy presented the Hungary Helps program with the goal to gather good practices, draw conclusions and provide ideas to encourage stronger engagment of the EU institutions in the field of the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas. Ambassador Bálint Ódor at the closing of the event initiated the creation of a new “Friends of Cultural Heritage Network”.