19 Jun

On 14 June 2019, Ildikó Horváth minister of state for health participated at the health EPSCO Council, where the delegations held policy debate on how to promote investments from EU funds with the aim of transforming and improving health systems. Ildikó Horváth informed her colleagues that in the course of the 2014-2020 development cycle Hungary allocated considerable amounts for healthcare investments targeting infrastructural and healthcare workforce related purposes. EU funding helped digital transformation, prevention and screening. Our primary purpose is to reinforce primary care, to improve health-awareness of Hungarian people, to facilitate access to prevention services and to mitigate healthcare workforce shortages. The minister of state underlined that the level of funding from structural funds should remain as it is today and she highlighted the importance of increasing the participation of Central and Eastern Member States in Horizon research programmes. Hungary values the great variety of financing mechanisms as they offer connecting flexibilities, nevertheless there is room for improvement in the field of information flow among the management of the specific funds.

The EPSCO adopted conclusions on antimicrobial resistance and discussed the outstanding issues related to the implementation of the medical devices regulation. The Commission provided updates on the measles epidemics and the Presidency reported on the progress made in the discussion of proposal on health technology assessment.