28 Sep

Agriculture ministers exchanged views on the importance of EU’s Solidarity Lanes, on the emissions rules revision and on the sustainable use of plant production products on the 26th of September in Brussels.

Ministers acknowledged the key importance of the EU’s Solidarity Lanes to maintaining the Ukrainian agri-food export. They pointed out the importance the export through the Black Sea ports. Hungary – as neighbouring country – actively takes part in the implementation of the Solidarity Lane action plan and does its utmost to increase the transport capacity.

The Commission presented the agricultural aspects of the revised industrial emission directive. Several Member States were against the extension of the rules to small and medium farms. State Secretary Zsolt Feldman contested the new, disproportionate agricultural requirements of the proposal.

As regards the proposed sustainable pesticide use regulation, eleven Member States – including Hungary - called on the Commission to carry out a new impact assessment on its proposal. Mr Zsolt Feldman emphasized that the different starting points of the Member States and the efforts achieved, must be taken into account during the reduction of pesticide use.