1 Jun

Ministers of agriculture exchanged views among others on the market disturbances, thus the problems with increasing agricultural imports from Ukraine on 30th of May in Brussels.

State Secretary Zsolt Feldman specifically drew attention again to the difficulties related to the increasing agricultural imports from Ukraine.

Recalled, that after the outbreak of the war of aggression, it was a common commitment to ensure global food security and establish alternative logistic routes using all relevant routes and so that Ukrainian grain could be transported by land.

To this end, the European Union set up the Solidarity Lanes. Hungary is very committed to the well-functioning of the Solidarity Lanes and actively involved.

Despite to the aim to ensure grain supply to countries outside Europe, unfortunately a significant part of the incoming crops is sold on the markets of countries bordering with the Ukraine, leading to serious market disruptions.

Therefore, the financial and other consequences need to be jointly owned and shared. The frontline countries have called the Commission for immediate action to solve the problem, asking financial support to effected farmers.

Hungary suggested progressive transport cost support to restore the original goal of the Solidarity Lanes. Several Member States also reported various market disturbances, hence the Commission has shown openness to using the remaining part of the agricultural reserve.

Further topics were also discussed such as food safety and waste aspects of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation  , revision of crisis management tools.