23 Oct

Ministers held a debate on the draft European Climate Law and reached an agreement on it (partial general approach). The aim of the EU Climate Law is to set the EU’s climate neutrality goal for 2050. The 2030 climate goal is not part of the political agreement, about which the European Council will hold a debate in December. In the debate, Hungary emphasized that it is fully committed to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and argued for strengthening the convergence between Member States’ emissions-reduction efforts. Based on the agreement reached by environment ministers the German presidency can start negotiations with the European Parliament.

Environment ministers committed themselves to halt biodiversity degradation on this Council meeting. Environment ministers agreed on improving nature protection on Union and on international level. The adopted position’s primary goal is to achieve an economic growth, while still respecting nature. Member States agreed on the urgent need to act for halting biodiversity loss and restoring it, that is key to boost resilience of the EU economy and for societies against future threats such as climate change, forest fires, or disease outbreaks. Hungary supported the conclusions, nevertheless signalled its concerns on the coherence between nature and agriculture policies.